Project Events

1st Lille Jean Monnet Workshop (2JML)

Regional diversity of European Union

► Thursday 21st April 2016

This workshop underlines the diversity of regional situations and organisations in Europe. It deals with the issues and incentives of region-building, and with the development of institutional links between regional authorities and European Union. Learn more


2nd Lille Jean Monnet Workshop (2JML)

Regional governance and territorial complementarity

► Wednesday 7th December 2016

This workshop addresses the relations and articulation of regions with other institutions and decision-making levels: States, metropolises, local authorities, EU institutions. It focuses on the place of regions in today's European multi-level governance system. Learn more


3rd Lille Jean Monnet Workshop (2JML)

Regions and territorial cooperation

► Wednesday 26th April 2017

This workshop focuses on the territorial cooperation mechanisms developed in the context of the European Union (interregional networks, cross-border, regional representation) and questions the added value of these schemes for the development of regions and regionalism. Learn more


Lille Jean Monnet Conference (CJML)

Closing conference

► Monday 26st and Tuesday 27th June 2017June 2017

The CJML delivers and appraises EUREGIO main results and outcomes. 

It opens perspectives on these phenomena in the light of current socio-political evolutions, for example: the 2014-2020 programming period of the European Union regional policy, the upsurge of regionalist claims in various States, the outlooks of the regional reform in France or, more generally, the evolution of the European Union as a polity. Learn more