Students workshops

The students workshops runs from October to April and is part of the students’ curriculum in the master in Urbanism and Planning (Lille Institute of Planning and Urbanism, University of Lille 1).

The students are put in a professional perspective. They are asked to complete a specific group work on a topical subject, defined in professional terms and issues. In this exercise the students are expected to provide a critical analysis, a diagnosis and recommendations of a particular planning question. The students establish a report that is presented in the Lille Jean Monnet Workshop.

► Lille Jean Monnet Students Workshop 1, academic years 2015-2016
(AJML1 : Atelier étudiants Jean Monnet de Lille, 1)

Theme : Relations and articulation between Regions and Metropolises in Europe : trends and outlooks

This students workshop observes and analyses the different territorial, institutional and socio-economic interactions and links between a region and a metropolis in different European cases: Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie (France), Bade-Wurttemberg (Germany), Wales (UK) and Piedmont (Italy).

The objective is to bring about trends and perspectives from these different situations on how can regions and metropolises be the scales and entities on which to organise territorial development policies.

The outcomes of this AJML will be presented in the 2JML of 21st April 2016. It will introduce the topic of the second 2JML that deals with governance and institutional complementarity between regions and other decision levels.


► Lille Jean Monnet Students Workshop 2, academic years 2016-2017
(AJML2 : Atelier étudiants Jean Monnet de Lille, 2)

Theme : Regional identities and policies in Europe

The diversity of social groups that compose the States, especially at regional scale, condition territorial development policies. This workshop deals with the issue of diversity of regions and regional identities in Europe. The topic is to observe how EU member-States address the diversity of regional identities within their territories, particularly through regional planning and development policies and schemes.

For instance, the 28 member-States of the European Union have almost all ratified the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages of the Council of Europe, but the implementation of this charter resulted in different policies and outputs according to the different States.

The main objective of the Jean Monnet Student Worskshop is to produce an analytical typology of the regional diversity in Europe and of the different policy-schemes that are implemented to respond to this regional diversity.

The outcomes of this workshop will be presented during the 3rd Lille Jean Monnet Workshop on April 26th 2017.